Embryology and Science Denial
Liar's Anthem

A Biblical Theology of Race

We are original man, the Asiatic Black man

The maker, the author, the cream of the planet Earth

Father of civilization and daughter of the universe

 (Popa Wu, Wu Revolution)


Cause war like the grandson of Kush

I’m hanging devils’ heads on a evergreen bush

(RZA, Dangerous Mindz)


Yakub, maker and creator of the devil. Swine merchant... your time is near at hand. F--- with me and your time will be now. Your presence here effects the mind of my people like a fever. You, Yakub, are the bearer of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine diseases, evil, corrupt, porkchop-eatin’ brain!

(Outro Speech, Gravel Pit)


The quotes above refer to the Five-Percent Nation but the similarities between the two (Black Hebrew Israelites) should be evident.

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