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Economics is for Everyone

From Joe Carter:

People have strong opinions on a variety of subjects in which they don’t have an advanced degree or training. Yet when it comes to economics many people defer to “experts.”

But as Ha-Joon Chang, a South Korean economist who specializes in development, says, “Economics is for everyone.” Chang argues that we shouldn’t rely on experts to tell us what is true about economics (because they probably don’t know) but instead rely on our own commonsense to help us make sense of a complicated world.

While you likely won’t agree with everything Chang says in this short video, it’s worth watching to hear why ordinary citizens should challenge professional economists.



Acton University Lectures



Acton University is a unique, four-day exploration of the intellectual foundations of a free society. Guided by a distinguished, international faculty, Acton University is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and integrate philosophy, theology, business, development - with sound, market based, economics.

 Acton University 2016

My order:

  1. Christ and Culture Revisited (Hunter Baker - AU 2016)
  2. Property Rights in the Old Testament I (Dr. John Bergsma - AU 2016)
  3. Creation and the Image of God (Dr. Scott Hahn - AU 2016)
  4. When Marriage Disappears (Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox - AU 2016)
  5. Economics of Poverty (Dr. Catherine Pakaluk - AU 2016)
  6. The Centrality of the Family in Ancient Israel (Dr. Scott Hahn - AU 2016)
  7. What Is Natural Law? (Dr. J. Budziszewski - AU 2016)
  8. How to Talk About Natural Law (Dr. J. Budziszewski - AU 2016)
  9. Property Rights in the Old Testament II (Dr. John Bergsma - AU 2016)
  10. The Rise and Fall of the European Social Market (Dr. Samuel Gregg - AU 2016)
  11. Crony Capitalism (Dr. Jay Richards - AU2016)
  12. Individual Rights and Social Justice (Dr. James Bruce - AU 2016)
  13. St. Augustine and the City of Man (Rev. John Zuhlsdorf - AU 2016)
  14. Statism in Poor Countries: A Field Guide (Dr. Stephen Smith - AU 2016)
  15. Christian Anthropology (Dr. Samuel Gregg - AU 2016)
  16. Population Economics (Dr. Stephen Barrows - AU 2016)
  17. Christian Vision of Government (Michael Matheson Miller - AU 2016)
  18. Demographics and Civilizational Decline (David Goldman - AU2016)
  19. Why East Asia has Risen out of Poverty (Dato Dr. Kim Tan - AU 2016)
  20. Envy and Its Discontents (Dr. Victor Claar - AU 2016)
  21. Christian Roots of the Free Economy (Dr. Alejandro Chafuen - AU 2016)