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Fantasy or Reality?

From Greg Koukl:

I have become convinced that, in general, people are confused about religion. Somewhere along the way, folks got it into their minds that religion was a kind of spiritual fantasy club—true for you, but not necessarily true for me. Find the club that warms your heart and meets your personal needs. Do not, however, confuse religious stories with reality. That is a different thing entirely. Surprisingly, many Christians have been caught up in this confusion. They do not believe their beliefs are really true in any deep sense of the word. You can tell by the way they live their lives. In this month's Solid Ground I address that confusion.

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Acton Lecture Series

The Acton Lecture Series began in 1991 as a service to the local community. Through the series, the Institute seeks to bring knowledgeable and thought-provoking speakers to the area, providing our local audience in Grand Rapids, MI, the opportunity to interact with prominent thinkers on issues of faith and freedom.

Determinism, Dependency, and the Irreducible Person

Sociological determinism informs our public policy. Those with a stake in the maintenance and expansion of government bureaucracies feed upon pathology and find a willing constituency among those who perceive the world in terms of victims and perpetrators. If men are not free, they are not responsible for their misdeeds and ought instead to be treated with pity for falling prey to tragic misfortunes. They are to be healed by those who understand their powerlessness. Such enabling has produced a host of psychotherapeutic terms and treatments attempting to explain every human condition and every degrading act.