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Kidnapped Girls, Slaughtered Boys

Michelle Obama thinks YouTube and Instagram can help; David Cameron has taken to Twitter with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls; and the Archbishop of Canterbury has issued a press release. All of these social-media efforts help to raise the profile of this appalling case and keep it high in the headlines. The UK has sent counter-terrorism and intelligence experts to work alongside the US team already out there. "We stand ready to do anything more that the Nigerians would want," the Prime Minister pledged.

The thing is..

Nigeria's boys have been routinely abducted, tortured, shot or burned alive for years.

Where is the outrage? Where is the heartbrokenness? Are they not worth even a hashtag?

The Scourge of Racism

Right from the beginning of creation, hate and segregation came into the first family.  A brother hating his brother.  Why?  Because he seemed more sensitive to God.  Imagine that!  You see, hate and eviction come not just because of race.  They can come because of race or place or face or grace.  Racism is not just a white versus black issue.  We make a cardinal mistake pitting two colors against each other.


The same media that despises and castigates and vilifies Donald Sterling because of his prejudice is the very media that bullied and mocked Tim Tebow because of his faith in God.  They are the Cains of the day who despise Abel. They doggedly derided Tebow and may have cost him his career because of their relentless prejudice.  How ironic.  They cling to a vicious bigotry of their own, which belies their sanctimonious pronouncements that castigate others.


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New Blood

We no longer really care when life begins or whether a foetus is a person, not least because such questions are unanswerable both scientifically and scripturally. We may have an opinion or a belief, but morality is besieged by claims and counter-claims of liberation and empowerment, and the religious worldview is unsettled by experience. Life is sacred, yes, but much more when it is our own. And the 'quality of life' is now paramount. So who may reasonably object to the eradication of deformity or the mitigation of mental handicap with the infusion of new blood?