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Disremembering Syria

The media have moved on.

Ukraine got invaded; Bob Crow died; Cheryl Cole was re-hired for the X-Factor; Tony Benn died; and Nigel Farage had an affair - allegedly.

We are now three years into Syria's civil war: some 150,000 are estimated to have died, with millions destitute and homeless, encamped in squalor somewhere we don't particularly care about. Whole cities and towns have been destroyed, historical treasures looted and churches bombed and burned to the ground.

What's Best Next

What's Best Next (About the book)


We’ve done pretty well as a society at learning how to do the content of our jobs. But we haven’t been so great at learning the overarching process of how to manage our work: how to keep track of what we have to do, make decisions about what’s best to do next, keep from overcommitting ourselves, and do all of this in the midst of seventy-five emails, twelve phone calls, and eighteen interruptions a day.