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September 2013

Gosnell's War on Poverty

"How does Kermit Gosnell plan to stamp out poverty? He wants to kill the poor people. No one’s poorer than an unwanted child. Gosnell seems to suggest that if we kill the poor, we kill poverty. But why stop with the poor child who has no chance at becoming rich? Why not kill the poor mother who has no chance of becoming rich? Oh wait, he did that too. Let’s not be confused by his rhetoric. He was not at war with poverty. He was killing poor people. There’s a big difference."

Peshawar Horror

"It was the worst atrocity committed against Christians in Pakistan's entire history. Two Muslim suicide bombers entered All Saints Anglican Church in Peshawar, and slaughtered around 80 Christians and maimed many more as they worshipped God and praised Jesus. It was a jihadi bloodbath of butchery and carnage."

MARS HILL AUDIO Journal (118)

MARS HILL AUDIO Journal (118)

"Guests on Volume 118: Gilbert Meilaender, on the ethical questions raised by anti-aging research, especially its most extreme forms in the "transhumanist" movement; Ron Highfield, on why the modern assumptions about personal identity, freedom, and human dignity create prejudice's against the Gospel's account of God and the self; Mark Mitchell, on why gratitude and stewardship should be seen as fundamental political postures; Daniel M. Bell, Jr., on how capitalism nurtures the assumption of the autonomous self; Helen Rhee, on the centrality of almsgiving to Christian identity in the early Church; and Peter Brown, on how the early Church's wrestling with the questions of wealth and poverty steered a course between radical asceticism and careless indulgence."