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From Justin Taylor:

"I listened to some of the pre-album release yesterday. For one of the songs in particular—you can listen for yourself to figure out which song it might be—I began constructing a counter-argument in my head for why Propaganda is wrong. I did the same thing when I saw him give a live performance of another song. The details of that are less important than the fact that this is an album that makes arguments. These arguments might be right or they might be wrong; they might be prophetic or might be overstatements. But they are arguments that make you think and make you uncomfortable and invite you to talk back. I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t have that experience when listening to other types of music.

So consider giving this a listen. You’ll find a brother who doesn’t want to quarrel, but does want to argue. And he might just win you over."



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Source: JT