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Can We Be Good Without God?

"The primary technique the new atheists have adopted for dealing with the issue of the origin or grounding of the moral law is obfuscation. The new atheists are very fond of saying, “We don’t need God to be good.” Indeed, they often say that atheists, agnostics and skeptics often lead more wholesome lives than lifelong professing Christians. Now, theists should not be fooled by this. Our response should be, “Of course you don’t need God to be good — we’ve never claimed that you do.” You see, it is not knowledge (epistemology) of the moral law that is a problem — after all, the Bible teaches that this law is written on every human heart. Rather, the daunting problem for the new atheist is the nature and source (ontology) of the moral law."

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

" inevitable consequence of equality and human rights legislation combined with religious relativism would be the state recognition of every cult, sect and frivolous faith under the sun. After all, why should a carpenter who rises from the dead be any more credible than an illiterate orphan merchant who claimed an angel dictated a book to him; a group of sword-carrying, turban-clad gentlemen who treat a book like a living guru; or a man who walks around with an elephant’s head upon his shoulders?"

"Unfortunately, like all postmodern, relativist creeds, it is intrinsically contradictory and ultimately self-negating, for the insistence on the wearing of a colander confutes and nullifies their only dogma."