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Giving Under Grace

“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” – (2 Corinthians 9:7)

 “It should be understood that none of the foregoing arguments is leveled against the practice of paying a portion of the income to God. The next installment will show clearly that the New Testament teaches proportionate giving. There is, even, no quarrel with giving ten percent of the income. It is the obligatory character of the tithe which is attacked, and the tithe, as an institution, is inherently obligatory.”

Giving Under Grace (Part 1) (Pages 317-334)

Giving Under Grace (Part 2) (Pages 68-73)

Giving Under Grace (Part 3) (Pages 468-480)

Giving Under Grace (Part 4) (Pages 205-215)

Sources: April and July Bibliotheca Sacra 1950 (Volume 107) & January and April Bibliotheca Sacra 1951 (Volume 108)

Note: Used with Permission of Bibliotheca Sacra

Another Transaction

"There are a great many companies that think very highly of you and all that you deserve. You deserve the best. You deserve a vacation. You deserve to splurge on this because you're worth it. Even in the midst of economic downturn, flattery remains one of the most effective psychological drivers that compounds debt. In an HSBC Direct survey conducted not long ago, forty-two percent of the consumers interviewed said they had splurged on themselves in the past month. Twenty-eight percent cited their reason for the splurge, simply "because I deserve it."(1) Of course, each of us who has ever bought into the idea that L'Oreal thinks I am worth it or BMW believes I deserve the ultimate driving experience probably realizes that we have done exactly that: we have bought the idea, paid for both the product and the flattering suggestion."