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June 2010

Reducing Risk, Increasing AIDS

"A colleague of mine in Africa put it like this: “Ideals are like the stars. We may not reach them, but we set our course by them.” If we hope for nothing, as someone has said, we will get what we hoped for. Advocates of risk reduction, though, seem threatened by such an ideal, maybe because it implicitly reproaches the modern autonomy project or seems to support “traditional morality.”"

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Has Christianity Failed You?

  Has Christinity Failed You (RZIM Store Link)


Is Christianity not what you thought it was?
Have you stumbled and fallen in your faith?
Do you have intellectual questions that are unanswered?
Have you been affected by hypocrisy in the church?
Are you swayed by the challenges to the Holy Scriptures?
Has science tested your Christian belief?

Has Christianity Failed You? was written for those who have struggled to understand their belief and faith in Jesus Christ. Ravi explores the hard questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and those who feel betrayed both intellectually and spiritually. In his landmark new book, he addresses the struggle he hears from both skeptics and Christians: Has Christianity failed us? And can irrefutable charges be brought against it by skeptics and disappointed believers alike?  

Quote of the Day

"We too often associate the word “argument” with confusion, weakness, and division. On that contrary, if our public policy is to be effective, if our commitment to self-government is genuinely to be lived out, and if our sense of community is to be preserved, we need not to avoid but to insist on public argument, properly understood as the pursuit of deliberative rhetoric in its proper sphere."

HT: Justin Taylor