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Fundamentalists and the Atheists Who Love Them

"Richard Dawkins and Pat Robertson both disagree tells us something, important, I think, about the symbiosis between the new atheism and fundamentalism — how deeply the new atheists are invested in the idea that a mad literalism is the truest form of any faith, and how completely they depend on outbursts from fools and fanatics to confirm their view that religion must, of necessity, be cruel, literal-minded, and intellectually embarrassing."

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Support Disaster Relief in Haiti

These pictures tell the story (HT: Justin Taylor) Haiti 6 Days Later (The Big Picture)

Support the Haitian Relief efforts (links below), but watch out for the scams:

Google Crisis Response

Children's Hunger Fund

Catholic Relief Services

InterAction Members Respond to the Earthquake in Haiti

Locally (Barbados):

First Caribbean International Bank

Technology and the Quake

Google helps people find Haiti survivors with person finder

How Technology Helps

Technology comes to the rescue in Haiti

Cell Phone companies holding donations to Haiti