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2009 Pluralism Full Conference (MP3 Files Download)

Conference Audio now available:

Paul Copan: “Is the World Religiously Ambiguous? No, and Neither Is Religious Pluralism”
S. Mark Heim:
“No Other Name: The Gospel and True Religions”
R. Douglas Geivett: “The Futility of Neutrality: The Uniqueness of Jesus in a World of Religions”
Millard J. Erickson: Evangelical Philosophical Society Plenary Address
Terrence Tilley: “Principles for Assessing Theologies of Religious Diversity”
Keith Yandell" “Does Religious Pluralism Have Sufficient Rationale?”

How to Be a Theologian

‘Firstly, you should know that Holy Scripture is such a book as to make the wisdom of all other books foolishness, because it is the only book that teaches about eternal life. Therefore you should immediately despair of your reason and understanding. They will not gain you eternal life, but, on the contrary, your presumptuousness will cast you and others like you out of heaven (as happened to Lucifer) into the abyss of hell. But kneel down in your little room and pray to God with real humility and earnestness, that he through his dear Son may give you his Holy Spirit, who will enlighten you, lead you, and give you understanding.

‘Thus you see how David keeps praying in the above-mentioned Psalm, “Teach me, Lord, instruct me, lead me, show me,” and many more words like these. Although he well knew and daily heard and read the text of Moses and other books besides, he still wants to lay hold of the real teacher of Scripture himself, so that he may not grasp it in a disordered way with his reason and become his own teacher. For such practice gives rise to factious spirits who allow themselves to nurture the delusion that Scripture is subject to them and can be easily grasped with their reason, as if they were Markolf or Aesop’s Fables, for which no Holy Spirit and no prayers are needed.’

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Goldman Sachs and moral hazard

From Archbishop Cranmer:

"So the banks, which provided the taxpayer with a yoke of billions of dollars and pounds, are now returning large profits. Goldman Sachs, which was given $10bn (£6bn) state aid last year, has unveiled a $2bn profit. And its staff all get handsome bonuses while its directors laugh all the way to the bank (every day, straight after breakfast)."

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