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One World, Under God?

From The Atlantic (April, 2009):

"For all the advances and wonders of our global era, Christians, Jews, and Muslims seem ever more locked in mortal combat. But history suggests a happier outcome for the Peoples of the Book. As technological evolution has brought communities, nations, and faiths into closer contact, it is the prophets of tolerance and love that have prospered, along with the religions they represent. Is globalization, in fact, God’s will?"

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The Global Economic Crisis

From The Acton Institute:

"The global economic crisis has reopened the long running debate between those who advocate for a market economy and those who demand bigger government, trade protectionism and collectivist policy solutions. But at its most fundamental level, this crisis is moral in nature. From the outset, the Acton Institute has been at the forefront of this important debate in the media and in public forums. This page provides a collection of relevant, timely resources by the Acton Institute related to many different aspects of the economic crisis."